Research Interests

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My method reserach has been mostly motivated by problems in genetics, genoimics and metagenomics. I have worked on a variety of problems in statistical genetics and genomics, including methods for family-based genetic linkage and association analysis, methods for admixture mapping, methods for genome-wide association analysis, methods for analysis of microarray time course gene expression data, high dimensional regression analysis for genomic data, methods for copy number variation analysis and methods for analysis of next generation sequence data. I have published both statistical methodological research in top statistics/biostatistics journals (JASA, AOS, AOAS, Biometrika, Biometrics, Biostatistics etc ) and in top genetics journals (AJHG, Plos Genetics, etc) and collaborative research in top scientific journals (Science, NEJM, Nature, Nature Genetics, PNAS, Developmental Cell, Cancer Cell etc).

My current collaboration includes several genome-wide association studies, analysis of human microbiome data, analysis of heart failure eQTL data and genomics of ovarian cancer.

Statistical Methods Publications

  1. Li H (2015): Microbiome, Metagenomics and High Dimensional Compositional Data Analysis. Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application, in press.
  2. *Lin W, Feng R and Li H (2014): Regularization Methods for High-Dimensional Instrumental Variables Regression With an Application to Genetical Genomics. Journal of American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods, accepted.
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Collaborative Publications
  1. Hu X, Feng Y, Zhang D., Zhao SD, Greshock J, Hu Z, Zhang Y, Yang L, Wang L-P, Jean S, Li C, Huang Q, Katsaros D, Montone K, Tanyi JL, Lu Y, Boyd J, Nathanson KL, Li H, Mills H, Lin Z (2014): A Functional genomic approach identifies FAL1 as an oncogenic long noncoding RNA that associates with BMI1 and represses p21 expression in human cancer. Cancer Cell, accepted.
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